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      Service hotline:86-18930478677

      A poor family but ambitious, dream of entrepreneurship

      In 1964, Jianxing Hu was born in Maoyan Island, Yuhuan County, on the coast of the East China Sea. There are nearly 5,000 residents on the island, about 3.5 square kilometers. The island is located in a remote area with closed information. Most of the villagers live by farming and fishing. In 1978, the country entered a new historical period of reform and opening up. Yuhuan, located in a corner of the southeast coast, also began to change slowly. That year, when Hu Jianxing was 14 years old, he asked himself, "what am I going to do in my life? Is it farming or fishing? " His answer in his heart was: "no, I want to break into the world, I want to start a business, I want to be the boss..."

      But, at a young age, he seriously thought that entrepreneurship must have "three elements" - project, capital and ability. Projects can be selected, funds can be borrowed, only the ability is difficult to have, only through learning! He began to learn for entrepreneurship! First, he worked as an accountant in the local joint saltworks and fishmeal factory, and studied finance for 3 years; Next he worked in the fishmeal factory for 2 years to learn how to promote the products; Then he studied mechanical technology in Yuhuan electric instrument factory for one year. In the first half of the year, he worked as a fitter apprentice and learned to make stamping dies. In the second half of the year, he was promoted to workshop director; In the end, he went to Yueqing agricultural machinery factory as a production manager for two years, learning about management from the boss. With the basic ability, the next step is to find a project. He spent more than one year researching above 20 kinds of products in the market, finally chose the caster.

      In order to start a business, he spent nine years from learning to improving ability to selecting projects. In the past nine years, he was far sighted and resolute. The work he chosen was for learning, for improve abilities and preparing for entrepreneurship. In the face of the boss's high salary, he did not stay, with entrepreneurial dream in mind and firm belief.

      Thirty years of caster business, build a good faith enterprise

      On 5th July, 1987, Jianxing Hu's entrepreneurial road began to set out. He rented a small factory with 40 square meters and raised 24,000 yuan to buy two punching machine tools. In order to find the product market, Jianxing Hu has gone through a lot of hardships. He often takes the station as a hotel, and sometimes takes a cold steamed bread to satisfy his hunger with tap water. What's more unforgettable is that on one business trip, the car overturned and fell into the field more than three meters deep, nearly destroying the car and injuring people. Now in retrospect, Jianxing Hu thinks these are nothing. "Who didn't work hard in those years". As long as we focus on making progress, we will have the motivation to move forward.

      Unexpectedly, after choosing the caster, Jianxing Hu was able to focus on the caster business for 30 years, and his idea remained the same. Along the way, he is conscious of what he wants. He is persistent in his choice and wants to make the casters well. A few years ago, there was an upsurge of making valves and furniture in the local area. People pulled him into partnership and mobilized him to change his profession, but he was not moved. Once, he was asked to process a large order and put the cash in front of Jianxing Hu, he refused. For so many years, his idea has never wavered. He always tells people around him: "one can't lose on the curve,  I will make casters all my life and just want to do them well."

      With such persistence, Jianxing Hu devotes all his time and energy to the casters. He always takes "user first and common development" as the core of his business, and tries his best to solve problems for users. Now, the 40 square meter caster workshop thirty years ago has developed into Zhejiang EDL caster Co., Ltd., which covers an area of 20,000 square meters. The casters are all over the country and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Australia and Colombia.

      Whenever someone asks Jianxing Hu to talk about the secret of enterprise development, he is always modest and sparing words like gold: "altruism and honesty are my secret". It is this kind of values that regards honesty as the basis of life, and regards the commitment to employees, users and dealers as the principle of standing, which promotes the development of EDL.

      Over 50 years old but ambitious, start a business again

      Company has developed to a certain scale in 2009, but the traditional production mode can not keep up with the pace of the times. The development of the enterprise has appeared a bottleneck. Coupled with changes in the external market environment such as intensified competition and increased costs, the enterprise has gradually fallen into crisis. There are only two choices for Jianxing Hu: one is to close, the other is to transform, upgrade and develop continuously. He chose the latter, but the key is: how to break through the bottleneck? How to transform and upgrade? How to develop continuously? Where are the methods and paths?

      In 2011, after two years of systematic research and analysis, the team found a breakthrough under his leadership, planned the blueprint of the second undertaking, formulated the methods and paths, and carried out the "transformation and upgrading" of the enterprise.。

      Management upgrade. In 2012, YIDELI has completed the transition from paternalistic to scientific management mode, designed and established a perfect system, and paid attention to practical work, pursued effect and quantified assessment. In an interview with the reporter, Jianxing Hu said: "successful management is to design a system that allows employees to work for themselves, and its ultimate goal is let employees who do well not suffer losses." This combines the subjective factors of human beings with incentive guidance. In 2014, he put forward the requirements of the transformation from scientific management to humanistic management, and began to build enterprise culture, establish learning organization, strengthen team building, and implement humanized management.

      Manufacture upgrade. In 2013, YIDELI began to implement the "automation transformation", invested 20 million yuan to carry out automation transformation of production line, which not only improved the degree of product standardization, improved the production efficiency, reduced the operation requirements, but also solved the impact of the large turnover rate of person on the normal production of the enterprise. In 2014, YIDELI began to introduce TPS lean production mode, realizing the exhibition hall of operation, the improvement of production efficiency and quality, the decline of inventory, the improvement of management awareness and other results, which greatly improved the management level of the company.

      Business model transformation. He clearly realized that it is urgent to establish a vertical whole industry chain platform to become a leading brand of an industry. Using the Internet platform to improve the layout of the industrial chain can not only break through the bottleneck of enterprise development, but also effectively enhance our brand value and user resources. Since 2012, Jianxing Hu started to move EDL casters onto the Internet. In 2013, he built an online sales platform and an official mall edl.cn. Since then, users can purchase casters online easily and quickly. With the rapid development of the times, enterprises also need to change the traditional business model. The future development trend of China's e-commerce must be platform, mobile, O2O, precision marketing and personalized services, which will also be the direction of future efforts of EDL.

      Although he is over 50 years old, Jianxing Hu's idea is always "advanced with the city". He likes to be the first person to "eat crabs", to walk in the forefront of the industry and likes to challenge the entrepreneurial journey of risk and opportunity. As the saying goes, "the stage can be as big as the heart".


      EDL's 30 years of entrepreneurship is just a small milestone in the long march. Let's stand at a new starting point, integrate into the trend of the times, global competition, and the rise of the country, shoulder the mission of boosting famous brands, be full of passion, be willing to contribute, have the courage to innovate, and strive together for the establishment of China's caster cause.

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